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    Our Mission, Values
    and Christian Ethos

Kenward Trust has a national reputation for excellence in the field of drug and alcohol treatment and rehabilitation. Every year we help transform the lives of more than 200 men and women.

Our Mission:
To offer people the opportunity to change their lives and reach their full potential.

Our Values:
Kenward Trust has a strong sense of its Christian roots and ethos, from which we draw the underlying values underpinning every aspect of our work and the way we deliver services. At our core is our belief in empowering and involving service users and significant others in all we do.

Our Christian Ethos
Our Christian ethos underpins the way we help people in crisis. We aim to reach out to those who are on the margins of society and we believe that everyone deserves a second chance.

Our programmes are not based on religion and we welcome people from all backgrounds and faiths. 

Miriam Barker is our chaplain who visits once a week to ‘be’ in the chapel for whoever would like to join her from our projects for a chat, to read a story in the Bible and to pray.