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The Naomi Women's Project is an abstinence-based drug and alcohol residential recovery project based in Yalding in Kent.  The intimate nature of the project creates a safe environment where residents work closely together on practical activities, but also in providing support to each other through the process of recovery.


The Naomi Women's Project is an abstinence-based drug and alcohol residential recovery project based in Yalding in Kent.

The Naomi Women's Project offers a unique and flexible programme for each resident. There is a holistic approach with elements from the 12 step model of recovery work-based programme, that deals with substance misuse and its underlying issues.

We work with eating disorders, survivors of sexual abuse, women who have been involved in domestic violence, sex workers, and women who come straight from prison.

This is a very homely setting, with modern facilities where up to 8 women share the responsibilities of running the house. We also encourage them to explore options and assist with reintegration back into the community.

Recent feedback

“The Naomi Women’s Project offers a holistic, person-centred programme in a comfortable and homely setting. On a recent placement, I was impressed by the care and extreme dedication of the staff team, who, in a situation of a family crisis, were proactive and creative in working in partnership with ourselves to identify a really positive multi-agency solution. I would not hesitate in recommending the Naomi project as a rehab placement for women who wish to seek rehabilitation and recovery from alcohol or substance misuse issues.”  Local Authority Care Manager

“The people here are wonderful and I’m a different person, they’ve done so much for me. Naomi has changed everything about me and I’ve grown up in here. Its like a second home.“  Resident

The programme encourages the empowerment of residents through shared involvement and the acceptance of responsibility. This adds vibrancy and energy to the programme, ensuring that adaptations and adjustments are made wherever possible to respond to the needs of the individual. Each resident has their own key worker, who is trained in giving the right level of support. The length of stay can be varied, but is generally between 3 and 6 months.  

The Main elements of the programme are:

  • Key working
  • Individual recovery plans
  • Personal goal setting
  • Group therapy
  • Opportunity to work with the 12 step approach
  • Family education
  • Life skills
  • Leisure activities
  • Building self esteem
  • Support with reintegration into communities
  • Social Enterprise

Please call 01622 817988 for more information or to discuss what to do next.



The Naomi programme is holistic in order to address all of the individual’s needs. It includes:

  • Key working with a dedicated member of staff who will create an individual ITEP recovery plan with the client and review this with her throughout her stay
  • Personal weekly objective setting (contracting) in order to work on issues identified as underlying the addiction
  • Group therapy that creates an environment where women feel safe enough to explore repeating life patterns that are no longer helpful; moving to a new way of thinking, which helps them to recover from addiction
  • Family education where appropriate, to help develop positive and healthy relationships
  • Opportunity to work with the 12 step approach, a proven method linked to the Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous fellowships that helps women come to an acceptance of their powerlessness over their addiction – a first step towards a future of freedom and choices
  • Life skills: Anger Management, Stress Management, Assertiveness, Thinking Rationally, Problem Solving, Self Esteem, Disordered Eating, Co-dependency, Parenting
  • Leisure activities: Clients plan a group leisure activity once a week. We encourage them to be realistic in their planning and to use the leisure time to learn how to relax and enjoy life again
  • Building self-esteem: we have Self Esteem groups, and the entire programme at Naomi is designed to build the women’s self esteem. Every activity is aimed at encouraging them to take responsibility and to make new choices for themselves, to change their lives for the better. This contributes to increasing self-esteem and will help sustain abstinence and subsequent reintegration into society
  • Support with reintegration and independence: we support clients in seeking appropriate accommodation and exploring training, volunteering and employment opportunities

Naomi has the following facilities:

  • Accomodation for eight women
  • Dining Room
  • Lounge
  • Bathrooms
  • Laundry Room
  • Group Therapy Room
  • Garden

After Naomi?

Next stage accommodation and reintegration options will be explored during an individual's stay at Naomi. There is an option to join one of our supported housing projects. These projects offer regular support and a stay of up to 2 years is possible, dependent upon continued abstinence. Support is provided for planning a new life, training or volunteering to gain skills, and there is the benefit of peer support within the Move On house and through local AA/NA meetings.

Women have a choice of two locations: Southborough (close to Tunbridge Wells) and Gravesend.

Returning home or moving to other accommodation outside of our services

Equipped to continue your recovery with what you have learnt during your programme, we will always be happy to continue to offer informal support over the telephone or if you wish to make a return visit. We regularly welcome back ‘Recovery Graduates’ who come and talk to current residents, which benefits everyone. We encourage ‘ Recovery Graduates to share their stories of transformation and positive change.

Admissions & Enquiries

To apply for any of our projects, please download and fill in the appropriate forms, or follow the links to apply online. Acceptance is subject to interview and risk/needs assessment. We are able to travel to meet you to do this.

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