Kenward Trust provides primary stage residential rehabilitation and recovery services for men and women at locations across Kent and East Sussex.

Kenward Trust is a charity, helping people to transform their lives for the last 50 years, from the misery of addiction, homelessness and crime.

The Trust offers people the opportunity to change their lives and reach their full potential. We help address substance misuse and homelessness issues, bringing hope, help and support, for both men and women. 

With a national reputation for excellence in the field of alcohol and drug treatment and rehabilitation, we help transform the lives of over 200 men and women every year.

A team of experienced, dedicated and caring professionals, provide personalised interventions and one-to-one support across a number of projects and sites, addressing alcohol and drug dependence and related issues.

We offer a package of support that incorporates positive planning of life choices for a better future and a real prospect of transformational change for the individual. We also aim to dispel myths and preconceptions surrounding alcohol and drug use. Our focus is on innovation, participation, celebrating and embracing diversity and all our projects are abstinence based.

Social enterprise is a growing part of what we do and complements our programmes and this has proved highly beneficial for residents as they learn new skills. Working alongside volunteers from the wider community, helps to raise their self esteem and confidence – this is called Social Bridging.

We have a wide range of activities that resident engage in across the following areas:

  • Horticulture
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Wood crafts manufacturing
  • Catering
  • Hospitality
  • Retail 

Our work also engages with young people, families, employers and other agencies across the community to educate, inform and advise on all matters related to the causes and consequences of drug  and alcohol dependence.

Some clients will be identified as having a dual diagnosis, requiring treatment and support for both their mental health and their substance dependence. Many will have lost employment, their accommodation, their liberty and suffered isolation, as family and friends struggle to cope with the effects of substance dependence on close personal relationships.

The issues presented by our clients  are often complex in nature. Here at Kenward Trust we offer personalised programmes of therapy and support to address the underlying causes of their substance misuse. This might include; bereavement and loss, relationship issues, domestic violence and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Our specialist teams of staff and key workers provide the necessary support and guidance to clients that enable them to understand and address the causes and consequences of their substance misuse. This will involve group work and one-to-one sessions that may include counselling as well as activities focused on personal development and growth, such as horticulture or arts and crafts work. In addition we can offer whole family support to assist an individual in reconnecting with their family, which is so essential to sustaining their recovery.

We support clients to re-orientate and transform their lives by systematically addressing considerations such as general health and well-being, housing options, debt, family relationships, employment options, skills development and training. 


Admissions & Enquiries

To apply for any of our projects, please download and fill in the appropriate forms, or follow the links to apply online. Acceptance is subject to interview and risk/needs assessment. We are able to travel to meet you to do this.

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