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    Review on Illicit

    CEO comment on Dame Carol Black's Review on Drugs

Penny Williams, CEO of Kenward Trust has made the following comments on the recent report conducted by Dame Carol Black on illicit drugs in the UK. To read the report in full click here.

Dame Carol Black’s report on illicit drug use and their effects in the UK is a hugely impactful and important piece of work that highlights the risks associated with illicit drugs and also the importance of the work that services like ourselves do in helping those affected by addiction.

The relative ease for the general population to access illicit drugs whether this is through dealers or the growth of social media is deeply concerning. This is further worsened by the continued cuts on funding for residential treatment services such as ourselves meaning that only the extremely complex cases end up getting the help they need and others are stuck in the areas where these drugs are readily available.

Our services have proven to be successful for those suffering from addiction to illicit drugs and we are passionate about helping as many people as we can, however, funding cuts have limited this greatly over past years. This report emphasises the climate that we are currently facing in today’s society, which hopefully will highlight any viable new ways that we can best help those who really do need it in the future.

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