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    Drugs & Drink:
    Know the Risk

We have received some great feedback about our learning resource made available for free to schools in Kent. Get in touch with our team to find out how you can access the resource for your school or youth group now.

Since launching our free learning resource to schools in Kent we have received some great feedback

We launched our learning resource, Drugs & Drink: Know the Risks to over 130 schools in Kent for free in September to give them lesson plans and films so the teachers can provide education to young people across the county on the risks associated with drugs and drink.

The films follow the families of two boys who tragically passed away following substance use within the county who agreed to tell their story in order to prevent anything like this happening again, alongside a member of our Think Differently team who tells his story of addiction, homelessness and crime and also a drug dealer. 

The aim of the resource is to allow young people to be equipped with the facts and education to be able to make an informed decision about substances if and when they encounter them in their lives.

Andy Raines, a teacher from Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys wrote to us following receiving the packs to say:

"I have been teaching PSHEE now for many years and have often struggled to find appropriate, relevant and contemporary resources to engage and stretch our students. I have now had the time to look very closely at the resources provided and I am truly excited by what is contained in these free resources and I am looking forward to rolling them out via some live, online lessons. Your work is this area is now more important than ever and with a further national lockdown, I am fearful for the mental health of our students."

If you would like to gain access to this resource for your school, charity or youth group get in touch with our team by giving us a ring on 01622 814187 or emailing christy.bishop@kenwardtrust.org.uk 

You can also donate to us at Kenward Trust to help us continue providing our life-changing work here.

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