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“I needed to be taken away, I needed to get off the grid, I could not control my drug and alcohol consumption.”

John Taylor from Duran Duran joins Russell Brand as the next Recovery Champion to speak out about how rehabilitation helped him with his addiction to alcohol and drugs in aid of Alcohol Awareness Week.

“I needed to be taken away, I needed to get off the grid, I could not control my drug and alcohol consumption.”

This year has been particularly challenging for people across the globe, so there is little wonder that many of us are feeling more stressed than normal. Alcohol Awareness Week 2020 has the theme of ‘Alcohol and Mental Health’ in order to raise awareness of some of the issues surrounding how our consumption of alcohol can affect our health, in order for us to learn how best look after ourselves and those that we love.

It is estimated that 1 in 4 individuals will experience a mental health problem of some kind each year in England and research from the Global Drug Survey has found that almost half (48%) of those who responded to their survey were drinking more alcohol than before the coronavirus outbreak.

As John points out in this film, alcohol is readily available in the UK and with the levels of anxiety throughout the pandemic, Drinkaware found that 38% of people were drinking on more days than usual and 19% were having their first alcoholic drink earlier in the day than before lockdown began.

Regular, heavy consumption of alcohol can interfere with chemicals in the brain that are needed for good mental health, so although it can feel good at the moment when you drink, it can contribute in the long term to feelings of depression and anxiety. Many individuals begin drinking to feel more at ease, but the relaxed feeling that alcohol can provide wears off quickly, meaning you need more again to relax. This can build up your tolerance to alcohol which could potentially lead to you becoming physically dependent on it, which can be a dangerous medical issue if not treated properly.

Choices Rehabs, who are launching these videos, represent a number of UK Addiction Treatment Centres, who across its members, including Kenward Trust, have the very best treatment and a wide range of treatment options on offer.

All Choices Rehabs pride themselves on being affordable, ethical and effective centres which offer supportive surroundings to get well, dedicated to abstinent recovery and working to a public service ethos.

To watch the other films they have released for Alcohol Awareness Week or find out more about Choices visit choicesrehabs.com.







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