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Listen to our CEO, Penny Williams talking with one of our Trustees, Paul Andrews on Business Bunker Radio about the work of the Trust, and how the pandemic has effected our services.

The interview, which can be listened to here begins at 23:05, and covers a variety of topics surrounding our work at Kenward Trust including how coronavirus has impacted how we deliver our services, and the significant increase in need we have been facing. 

Our Day Treatment offers 1-1 confidential counselling or group work, currently via Zoom due to the pandemic to those who may not be addicted to alcohol or substances but recognise that they would like to begin understanding their relationship with substances more effectively. 

We also offer residential rehabilitation from between 4 and 24 weeks which helps equip those who are addicted to substances the skillset to enable them to live a life in recovery through counselling, keyworking, education and therapeutic sessions in our Gardens & Workshops. 

If you are struggling with your substance use and would like some additional support please do get in touch with one of our team by ringing us on 01622 812603 or emailing admissions@kenwardtrust.org.uk completely confidentially. 

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