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    Movement for Good

Nominate Kenward Trust for Ecclesiastical's Movement for Good Awards and help us continue transforming lives. 

Ecclesiastical's Movement for Good provides £1,000 to nominated charities, to help them support vulnerable individuals in our society, and we at Kenward Trust would greatly appreciate your vote this year.

2020 has been an incredibly difficult year for everyone, with Covid affecting all walks of life and charities definitely not being exempt from this. Data has shown that from January - June 2020 almost 6,000 charities were forced to close, which was a 19% increase on the year before, and the highest number in 5 years. However, the demand for the work of charities, including for us at Kenward Trust has never felt higher.

Alcohol Change UK found that around 1 in 5 drinkers (21%) were drinking more throughout the pandemic, which suggests that 8.6 million individuals are drinking more frequently than normal during lockdown. The Global Drug Survey also found that 40% of drinkers who had increased their alcohol intake throughout the pandemic had done so due to stress. Alcohol can affect the body in many different ways physically, from short-term effects such as loss of coordination, vomiting and mood swings, through to long-term effects such as cancer, high blood pressure, memory loss and liver disease. But alcohol can also affect your mental health and has been linked to anxiety and depression as well as exacerbating other mental health conditions. Habits can form very quickly and can be difficult to break, and with alcohol proving to be very addictive, this can lead to a significant increase in individuals who are physically dependent to alcohol, which can be an incredibly dangerous health issue.

At Kenward Trust, we provide support to those who are affected by addiction to alcohol and drugs and help them towards a life in recovery through counselling, group work and both therapeutic and practical support. We help our residents work through the issues that made them start drinking and look for healthier ways to work through their triggers. We also teach our residents new skills that they can take into the workplace, offer a bespoke education plan to those who want it and also can offer some advice with any financial issues they may be facing. For many who have been in active addiction, they have not been taking care of their general health, so additionally we book them in for dentist and GP appointments, and aim to improve the complete wellbeing of our residents by the time they leave our services.

Our residents can access our residential rehabilitation centre from between 4- 24 weeks but then can opt to continue receiving support through our Move On project for up to 2 years, allowing them time to re-integrate back into society in the safest way to ensure they remain in recovery. Our aim for our residents leaving our Move On houses would be for them to be completely independent, with long-term accommodation, whilst maintaining their recovery.

However, funding for specialist drug and alcohol treatment centres such as ourselves had been declining long before the additional stresses of the coronavirus pandemic resulted in a further loss of stability and income. This means that we are being forced to look at other methods of fundraising in order to continue providing the life-changing support that our services provide. Initiatives such as this from Ecclesiastical help charities such as ourselves raise some incredibly worthwhile funds which ultimately help us continue to be the support that those affected by addiction, homelessness and crime really need. 

We would be incredibly grateful for your nomination this year, as this £1,000 will help us greatly in continuing to transform lives and create new futures for those in need. 

To nominate us click here. You will need our charity number which is 1146481 and our category is health. 

To find out how to fundraise for us further, or to donate to Kenward Trust click here.

We greatly appreciate your support.







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