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A huge thank you to everyone for their support of our Therapeutic Gardens & Workshops via the Co-op Local Community Fund last year. We are so happy to announce that this year you can do exactly the same but for our Think Differently project, helping us provide vital education to young people about the risks associated with substances.

Support Think Differently when you shop at Co-op

A huge thank you to everyone who selected Kenward Trust as their local cause last year. You helped us raise £2,381.01 to go towards our Therapeutic Gardens & Workshops a project which teaches our residents practical skills such as horticulture, arts & crafts, pottery, and woodwork in a therapeutic setting. This project helps empower our residents by allowing them to find new interests and hobbies that they can take with them into their new lives in recovery.

We are fortunate enough to have been chosen by Co-op again this year to be one of their local causes which allows you to choose us as a cause in your area to support! This year your donations will go towards our Think Differently project, a service that provides education and early interventions to young people across Kent about the risks associated with drugs and alcohol. Any funds raised through Co-op will help us provide sessions to more schools and educational settings across the county so your support will be greatly appreciated. 

So how does the Co-op Local Community Fund work?

The Co-op Local Community Fund supports projects across the country that their members care about and choose. This means that every time a Co-op member who has selected Kenward Trust purchases selected products and services they donate some of the cost to us. This works out as roughly 2p back to your local cause and 2p back to yourself for every £1 spent on the selected products and services! You can spend your rewards on most products you can buy from Co-op, not just their own branded products, but you can also choose to donate your rewards to your selected causes. 

To be eligible to donate you must be a Co-op member, which you can do for just £1. To find out how to sign up and donate, as well as receive other perks such as offers and discounts click here.

Thank you so much once again for your support last year, we hope that you choose to continue supporting us this year with our Think Differently project.

To view our cause page and select us as your local cause click here.

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