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    What’s Next?

Congratulations for completing Dry January, and if you chose to donate to Kenward Trust while doing so, thank you so much!

What’s Next?

Congratulations for completing Dry January, and if you chose to donate to Kenward Trust while doing so, thank you so much!

So you have completed the month alcohol-free and if you follow us on social media you will know some of the short term benefits you may have been feeling already such as a better sleep pattern, increased energy, less acid reflux, better skin and improved liver function. This has been shown by research by the University of Sussex which found that after Dry January 71% of participants slept better, 67% had more energy, 58% lost weight and 54% had better skin. But the benefits don’t stop there, participants from 2018 also saw an average of 13% reduction in their cholesterol levels, 6% fall in blood pressure, their liver health improved, a reduction in the risk of type 2 diabetes and lower levels of substances in blood tied to cancer growth.

The long term benefits need more official research to discernibly prove, but research has found that those who took part drank 1/5 less alcohol 7 months after January than they did before. Therefore taking part in this is a great way for you to evaluate your relationship with alcohol and find a balance that feels comfortable and right for you.

The NHS recommends not exceeding more than 14 units a week, and if you are to drink up to 14 to make sure you spread this across the week rather than drinking them all on one day. This equates to around 6 pints of beer a week, or 6 medium glasses of wine. Evidence shows that if you exceed this amount on a regular basis you are at a higher risk of feeling the negative health effects associated with alcohol.

If you do feel that you drink a bit too much but are struggling and would like some support there are lots of resources out there, you can find groups on Facebook, seek counselling or find free resources online such as those at Drink Aware or Alcohol Change. Our Day Treatment service provides support in helping you address why you may be drinking via counselling and groups and help you establish healthier coping mechanisms in the future.

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