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Kenward Trust's services provide support to those affected by addiction, homelessness, and crime.

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Is your drinking or drug use impacting your life?

At Kenward Trust, we provide effective, person-centric support to help you address addictive behaviours. Our services include:

Kenward Therapeutic Community

Our Therapeutic Community is a residential addiction rehabilitation centre for those affected by addiction to alcohol and substances. The typical length of stay is anywhere between 4 and 24 weeks dependent on the needs of the individual and incorporates recovery focussed group work, individual counselling and key-working, art therapy, Therapeutic Gardens & Workshop sessions and education sessions.

Day Treatment

Our Day Treatment offers a discreet, confidential, and flexible level of support for those with busy lifestyles. We offer two programmes within this treatment, one involving group work covering topics such as exploring triggers and also one-to-one counselling.

Move On

We offer supported accommodation to those who have been through a recovery programme but would like some further support in re-integrating back into the community. The length of stay is generally up to two years, where we help the resident look for long-term accommodation and employment.

Kenward Lodge

Kenward Lodge provides supported housing for homeless individuals who were struggling to access community drug and alcohol treatment services due to a lack of accommodation. The length of stay in the Lodge tends to be around 12 weeks, but we offer a referral through to our Move On accommodation for those who would benefit from longer-term support.

Youth Work

Our Youth Team provide education and early intervention to young people across Kent to help raise awareness of the risks associated with substances. A large part of this service is our Think Differently service which provides sessions in schools.

If you feel a loved one, or yourself would benefit from one of our services give us a ring on 01622 814187 or email admissions@kenwardtrust.org.uk

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