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    Corporate Drug &
    Alcohol Training

Are you struggling with drug and alcohol issues in the workplace?

COVID-19 update: Our Drug & Alcohol Training can be run remotely, or for smaller numbers via social distancing at our site in Yalding.

Drug & Alcohol Training Day

Are you struggling with the effects of drugs and alcohol in the workplace? At Kenward Trust we can provide bespoke training days, focused on the needs of your business.

We offer a full day of training covering:

  • Knowledge around substance misuse- what does this mean?
  • Recognising the signs of a person with substance misuse issues as an employer or colleague.
    • Do you have a drug and alcohol policy?
    • What do you do if you suspect someone has substance abuse issues?
    • Signposting
  • Understanding paraphernalia
  • Understanding employment law in regards to substance misuse
  • Education around alcohol
  • Information about drug testing: how to test and how to identify

Alongside refreshments and lunch for all delegates.

We also offer the unique experience of archery and alpaca walking within the day for team building alongside the training.

Alternatively, if it is more suitable for your business, we can come to you for a day of Drug and Alcohol Training with a Q&A session, just let us know upon booking!

Once booked with us, our course leader will ask you for any specific areas you would like covered by our sessions, offering you the chance to have a completely bespoke session for your team.

Our training days can cater for up to 24 delegates at very affordable rates. To find out more information or get a quote give us a ring on 01622 814187 or email john.shanley@kenwardtrust.org.uk.  

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