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    Move On

Kenward Trust has several houses as part of the Resettlement Project, for people who have completed a suitable recovery programme. Supported accommodation helps sustain recovery and reintegration into the community.

Following on from a 12 week stay in Kenward Lodge, or a period of time in our residential rehabilitation centre, our residents are then offered a place in one of our move-on projects in the community. 

The length of stay is generally up to two years. We offer regular support from their key worker but will be encouraged to become active in the community through volunteering and linking in with recovery groups available in the area. With support they will be encouraged and helped to start working towards a more pro social life and getting to the next step of securing and sustaining their own tenancy drug and drink free. We help with daily living skills, accessing training or volunteering opportunities and signposting to other agencies. As with all Kenward Trust projects, our supported housing sites are abstinence-based and this is a strict condition of tenancy.

It is vital that from the outset we encourage residents to start to rebuild their lives from the chaos their addiction led them to. This involves helping them reintegrate back into the community. The following areas are an example of how we do this:


Our support staff help encourage our residents to start the process of re-building bridges in a very gentle way to aid improving the family relationships.

Mental Health Teams & Therapists

We work closely with mental health teams in the areas of our Move On properties to ensure our residents are getting the correct treatment and attention they need to remain stable in recovery. We have very good relationships with local charitable counselling services to help obtain low-cost counselling sessions.

Social Integration

We have excellent links with local volunteer hubs in the areas surrounding our Move On properties and we encourage our residents to link in with them to find a placement that suits their individual skill sets. This helps them integrate within the community in a pro-social manner.

Local Fitness Centres

In the localities that we have Move On properties, we have negotiated concessions for our residents at local authority gyms and swimming pools to encourage our residents to pay as much attention to their physical health as well as their mental health.


As a result of living in a chaotic manner, some residents may not have any benefits being claimed or are not claiming what they are entitled to. Our support staff link them in with the DWP to correct this and support them with any interviews or complicated claim forms that need completing.

Local Authorities

At the end of their stay with Kenward, it is important that the resident moves into their own property with a tenancy they can sustain and is in a safe place for them to remain in recovery. This means our staff create good relationships with the local authorities from all areas so we can hopefully get the best social housing tenancy for them which will meet their needs.

Private Landlords

As you would expect, obtaining social housing is not always available for a variety of reasons, so we also try to build relationships with private landlords also. An additional benefit of having a good relationship with private landlords allows us to discuss with them on a case by case basis how we solve the problems of things such as referencing, which can pose issues with the resident's previous chaotic lifestyles.


We encourage our residents to look at how they can improve the tools that they already have, to help them gain employment. We do this by linking in with other charities that offer training and courses that help them be more job-ready. 

Click here to view our Move On leaflet.

To refer to our service or find out more information or give us a ring on 01622 812603 or email admissions@kenwardtrust.org.uk.