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    Residential Rehabilitation

This programme has strong emphases on “Community” for both staff and residents and associated personal and collective responsibilities

Our programme has been developed based on the principles of a Therapeutic Community, whilst retaining many of the aspects of the Recovery Model of treatment delivery.

Alongside the structured group programme, we also offer a wide range of activities with both therapeutic and skills-based training in our Gardens & Workshops, which will allow people to take evidence of recognised training skills with them into the workplace. There is also a choice of optional evening and weekend groups and activities.

We have reviewed the traditional 12 weeks or 24 week blocks of treatment and can now offer bespoke client centred programmes of between 4 and 24 weeks, dependant on the individual needs of the client.

Community residents move to senior peer status and gain responsibilities as they progress through treatment, in addition to being actively involved in much of the decision making in the day to day running of the community.

Aspects of the programme will be mixed, with men and women in the same group. Our optional evening and weekend activities and clubs will also be open to all Kenward residents.

We have a very skilled and committed workforce with many staff members having unique skills, qualifications and interests’. This community approach allows all residents to benefit from the variety of expertise available within our staff team.

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