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    Education at Kenward

Education at Kenward establishes a bespoke learning plan with achievable steps for all residents interested, during their stay in Kenward's residential rehabilitation services.

Choosing to Learn at Kenward

Education is offered by Kenward Trust to all residents during their time in residential rehabilitation.  A bespoke learning plan is established and achievable steps are awarded along the way.

After induction, residents are encouraged to complete assessments in literacy and numeracy to establish a starting point.  Any barriers to learning are addressed and support is given. The aims are to provide meaningful progress to benefit residents’ future opportunities, whilst encouraging an inspiring pastime and promoting confidence and self-motivation in learning environments.

Kenward has strong links with the National Career Service and regularly has a consultant onsite which enables residents to access support to search for jobs, work on composing a CV and cover letter, learn IT skills and practise interview technique. Once they are set-up with the NCS, residents can go on the website to complete an evaluation on transferable skills they either have, or are learning in their education sessions to help them navigate the job market.

Subjects studied vary from first steps in English and maths, through DVLA Driving Theory to Open University courses in Physics and Environmental Science.  We endeavour to help any resident who shows an interest in education, and to encourage any who don’t, to follow a suitable learning path as well as pursue something they are passionate about.

Education is available to all residents whilst they are on our therapeutic programme and education support continues whilst living in our Move-on projects.

The subjects that residents have currently studied with us are:

  • Open University Openlearn courses in ‘Starting in Psychology’, ‘Conversational Italian’, ‘Work and Mental Health’
  • Diabetes Online Awareness Training
  • DVLA Driving Theory Test practice
  • Skills Health Checks- Reports on transferable skills
  • Basic Skills Agency Literacy Assessment
  • Basic Skills Agency Maths Assessment
  • Initial Assessment in Literacy v2
  • Initial Assessment in Mathematics
  • Reading
  • Microsoft Suite
  • Early years spelling and grammar
  • Reading aloud
  • Learning English as a second language
  • Algebra study leading to Quantum physics/ Plancks Constant
  • English Grammar and spelling learning by chunking and using roots and endings
  • Book Reviews
  • ICT Basic Skills
  • Poetry Meter and analysis
  • Health & Safety Online
  • Computer Mouse skills

Accessible information

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