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    Supported Accommodation

At Kenward Trust we have two supported accommodation projects, Kenward Lodge and Move On.

Supported Accommodation

At Kenward Trust, we are passionate about helping those suffering from addiction to transform their lives away from their addictions and create a new abstinent future for themselves.

We offer two supported accommodation projects, Kenward Lodge and our Move On houses to help those who would like the support to create that new future back in the community.

We find that many benefit from continuing to live among a group of peers, drawing strength and support from each other and reducing the dangers of isolation. Our supported accommodation projects help sustain recovery and reintegration into the community by continuing to provide the Kenward service to residents right up until the day when they return to the community as independent individuals.

All residents are encouraged to live independently within Kenward’s supported accommodation projects but have regular contact with a Trust staff member. We also encourage our residents to start looking for volunteer or paid work so they can start their reintroduction back into the community.

Both projects are funded by Exempt Housing Benefit and we are open for referrals, so if you would like to apply for either project please click here or give us a ring on 01622 812603.

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