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Kenward in the Community is a preventive, early intervention and outreach-focused substance misuse service.

Kenward in the Community

Kenward in the Community is a preventive, early intervention and outreach-focused substance misuse service.
The Kenward in the Community team has an excellent reputation in delivering alcohol and substance youth services. They work together to deliver early intervention programmes, community outreach and Think Differently, our alcohol and substance education programme for schools in Kent and Medway.  The project comprises of the following:

ASB Hot Spot response
A highly flexible and responsive local service, delivering a targeted intervention in the evenings and weekends where required.

Responding to alerts of anti-social behaviour, community safety concerns such as discarded syringes or other drug paraphernalia, vandalism and/or disturbances where drug and alcohol misuse is considered to be a factor.

Outreach workers and Volunteers engage with young people and other groups to provide advice, support and to raise awareness of the risks of substance misuse for the individual, their family and friends.

Support to Business services
We offer a programme of support for employers and employees via Employee Assistance Programs, to address the often hidden problem of alcohol and drug dependency issues within the workplace.

We also provide training in alcohol and drug awareness for managers and employees.

If you are concerned about someone in your organization please get in touch in confidence.  

Community Events
Kenward in the Community visits events across the region to promote the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse.

Think Differently
We are able to visit schools and tailor make lessons or full days, to education young people, highlighting substance misuse and anti-social behaviour.

Think Differently uses real life stories and experiences from individuals with previous drug and alcohol addictions, ex-offenders and current prison volunteers, to engage with young people to raise awareness of the issues and potential consequences of drug and alcohol dependency. Their stories focus on thoughts, feelings, behaviours, underlying issues and how the choices they make can have an effect in their life, family and community around them and can make some young people more susceptible to substance misuse.

We also work in partnership with Councils and Safety Partnerships to support the issues associated with anti-social behaviour, particularly younger people.

To find out more about Think Differently visit their website here.

Who are the key people who will deliver the project?
The Kenward in the Community team is made up of people from diverse social backgrounds who all have an excellent reputation in delivering youth services. They work together to deliver the Kenward Intervention Programme and community outreach work with hard to reach young people where drugs and alcohol can be causing anti-social behaviour.

John Shanley - Kenward Trust Project Manager
John Shanley has a degree in Young and Community and has delivered substance misuse youth work since 2003 for Kenward Trust and before that 5 years of youth work in clubs and street outreach.

Andy Watson - Substance and ASB Outreach Youth Worker.
Andy Watson use to be a client at Kenward in 2003 who has since has gone on to do some amazing stuff with young people and adults helping them to look at their lives in addiction and young people who are starting to abuse drugs and alcohol and causing ASB. Andy delivers outreach youth work and other Educational and intervention work for the Kenward youth services

Andy also goes to other countries and helps projects who are in need of support and shares his faith. The money Andy earns goes into helping others, he is an amazing man and he is a very big asset to the Kenward youth team.

An example of his work in Sevenoaks. The Sevenoaks district had an issue of young people abusing the train line from Swanley to Otford and were using Cannabis and Alcohol while at the train stations or on the trains Andy started to travel on the trains and worked with groups of young people who were abusing the trains and stations he did this over a few months and helped to reduce the ASB with other community safer partnership members like the police and rail service. Andy also supports our volunteers from HMP ESP and helps them to focus on their recovery while they are supporting young people Andy has helped Ex-offenders not to reoffend and to look at a positive life in front of them when they leave Prison. These volunteers have made a big impact on the young people during their Think Differently sessions.

Paula Da Silva - Youth Outreach Worker
Paula has been delivering Youth work and community outreach for more than 6 years, Paula also has a diverse past around family and drug abuse. Her life story is very impacting of females groups.

For more information on these services please contact:

Kenward in the Community Project Manager- John Shanley
01622 814187/ 079884 80736

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