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    Christmas Campaign 2021

This Christmas, help us save a life...

This Christmas, why not buy one less bottle of wine and instead donate the money to Kenward Trust, and help save a life.

This small act by you will make a big difference to our residents and will ensure that our staff can continue to do the life-changing work they undertake. 

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About Kenward Trust

At Kenward Trust we provide a breadth of services, all with the same aim of helping support those with addiction issues to transform their lives and create new futures for themselves away from their addictions. Our work centres upon giving people the opportunity to change their lives and reach their full potential and with a success ratio of 73% our work is successful for the vast majority of those who access it.

Alcohol misuse is estimated to cost the NHS £3.5 billion per year, with NHS figures showing that there were 1.3 million hospital admissions linked to alcohol in 2019, which equates to around 3,600 admissions a day. However, funding for specialist drug and alcohol treatment has been gradually declining since 2012/13, which means organisations and charities such as ourselves are struggling to be able to support the individuals who really need it, whilst supporting day-to-day running costs.

We do, as a Trust, receive statutory funding to treat some individuals, but the figure we receive does not cover the full costs of the support we provide, alongside supporting the overhead costs of the charity.

Therefore, fundraising is a key way for us to be able to continue providing our life-changing support and treatment for those who so desperately need our help.


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Thank you; we are incredibly grateful for all donations received.



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