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    Current Vacancies

Role Title

Volunteer Gardener

Reporting To

Social Enterprise Manager


Kenward Trust, Kenward Road, Yalding, Kent

Time Commitment

From half a day per week

Principle Function

Lead and support role in all aspects of horticulture in the nursery and grounds of
Kenward House, Kenward Road, Yalding, Kent
The primary purpose of all the work is to engage residents and other volunteers in
horticultural work as occupational therapy for the residents.
Second is the production of high quality plants, cut flowers and fruit and vegetables
for sale in Kenward House Reception shop and Kenward’s Charitique shop in
Tunbridge Wells,


The work is roughly divided into two sections – the Nursery and the House Grounds.

The Nursery:

  • General care and maintenance of the polytunnels inc. watering and weeding. Ensuring that the watering schedule is adhered to. Keeping empty pots tidy.
  • Maintenance of the outside setting-out areas – keeping gravel clean and tidy,
    pots watered and weeded, staging safe and tidy, hoses safely routed/coiled.
  • Propagation of plants from seeds and cuttings – inc:
    • Pricking-out and potting-on of seedlings, cuttings and divisions of
      stock plants, labelling.
    • Taking cuttings from stock plants and plants in the House Grounds.
    • Receiving plant donations – deciding what to do with the plants and
      following through – e.g. dividing for propagation or potting-on for sale
      or planting in the House Grounds.
    • Selection of plants ready for sale.
  • General care and maintenance of the planting beds [cut flowers, herbs] inc,
    weeding, watering, and mulching/feeding.
  • Maintenance and cropping of the Nut Grove [for sale in the shop]

Kenward House Grounds

  • All aspects of shrub and border work inc:
    • Planting – trees and shrubs
    • Pruning – formative, seasonal and rejuvenational.
    • Weeding
  • Planting of pots/planters/urns around the house with season bedding [down
    in the nursery] Particularly the Box bushes on the entrance door
  • Weeding around the ponds
  • Maintenance of the woodland walk path
  • Care and cropping of the apple trees [for sale in the shop]
  • Development of new planting beds and borders inc:
    • Grubbing old shrubs
    • Setting out
    • Cutting new borders
    • Cutting new paths – mown, and laid.
    • Planting
    • Establishment watering
Personal Skills/Quanlities Required

The potential for any aspect of gardening at Kenward House is huge – not only are
there existing systems and structures in place to maintain but there is scope for new
projects. Any volunteers who have enthusiasm for outdoor and polytunnel work
would be most welcome at any skill level. Volunteers with specific interests would
also be welcome, especially those with design skills wishing to develop new
Above all volunteers must be able to quickly indentify tasks that need doing in order
to maintain a high standard of plant production for sale in the shop. This is a busy
and big site so volunteers must be happy just getting on with tasks on their own at
As with gardening in general – the tasks required change with the seasons and
volunteers should be happy undertaking different task throughout the year.
A good understanding of the principles of re-cycling of materials in a horticultural
setting – e.g. composts, would be an advantage. Similarly an understanding of the
basic principles of organic plant production would be very useful.